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From employee to owner: Mike Albers takes over Falk Auto Body in Red Wing

Albers didn't think it was ever possible to own his own business. Now he does.

Written By: Matthew Lambert, RiverTowns.net | Dec 9th 2019 - 10am.

RED WING — In January, Mike Albers will employed by Falk Auto Body for seven years. But this January will be slightly different. This time, he'll be an owner instead of an employee.

Mike Albers will have worked at Falk Auto Body in Red Wing for seven years. This time around he won't be just another employee, rather the owner. Don and Nancy Falk sold the business to Albers this summer. Matthew Lambert / RiverTown Multimedia

Albers came to a deal with Don and Nancy Falk this summer, carrying on the Falk Auto Body legacy that goes back to 1958 when the first location opened in Zumbrota.

Albers came to Red Wing after a brief stint in Rochester. Ironically, Albers grew up in Zumbrota, but only owns the Red Wing location. The Zumbrota location sold years ago.

He's asked often, but no, Albers isn't related to the Albers of Albers Auto Body. He's pretty sure he's not.

Albers knew he needed to make a change from working on vehicles due to a back problem. At Falk Auto Body, he was moved to the front and began learning the other side of the auto industry. Matthew Lambert/RiverTown Multimedia

Albers said becoming a business owner was something of a dream, saying he never thought it was possible.

His passion for the auto industry started at a young age, enjoying working on cars his entire life. Albers admitted that his bad back would likely shorten his fixing career. But working for Don and Nancy made a transition from the shop to the office quite smooth.

“I’ve learned a lot and have done a lot of different things," Albers said. "My role has grown bigger and bigger every year.”

At Falk Auto Body, Albers said collision work is their bread and butter.

And right now, with deer running across the road and snow falling, the crew is busy.

"Deer season, as it’s getting colder here, deer start moving and that’s definitely our busiest time of the year," Albers said. "Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve really never slowed down."

The best part of Falk Auto Body is the veteran technicians, Albers said. They certainly make his job a easier, but they bring a breadth of knowledge to any vehicle that may roll in for repairs.

For people who may be starting out in this industry, Albers said hard work can make a great impression, even if the skill isn't there yet.

“For me, it’s always been work as hard as you can and you’ll see the results," Albers said. "Show up, work, you may not be the greatest at it every day. You’re going to fail a lot.”

So while Don and Nancy Falk might not be around the office as much as they used to be, get used to Albers. He said he and his staff can help you with any ding that needs to be fixed.